Here's the thing: I don't fit -- I mean literally I don't fit. Being 6'9" makes you don't fit, well...almost anywhere. So, no submarine photo-shoots for me. 

Oh and that funny business above certain letters such as S,T, and C within my name, here's a little help: it's pronounced Meelosh, my first name that is. I am not saying you didn't know that but for the off chance you didn't, it's a spelling thing I guess.  

Why photography? For me was always this romantic notion of a still frame. I love the idea behind one frame, stopped indefinitely. I also get a rush out of it. 

How I got there, well, that's a long story, that I am not gonna tell here. But here are some things that may be pertinent.  I went to small photojournalism school in Victoria, BC, where upon graduating I got awarded with the best portfolio and best editorial image. Shortly after, I finished my internship with Victoria News (Victoria,BC)  and hopped on a ferry to Vancouver; so, here I am. Pretty simple, and I like it like that. 

My images have appeared in Vancouver Magazine, Montecristo Magazine, Western Living, BC Business and others. I also work for Canada Newswire. 

In case you would like to reach me for any reason be -- to talk about work or just chat about photography and other great life mysteries, please refer to the contact page on this site. 

All the best,